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Leaders Rising™

Group Coaching

A 6 month Coaching Experience for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are navigating a growth edge and are in need of new skills and practices to take them to the next season of leading.

We will look at how we handle our pain, the stories we tell ourselves, core values, emotional and relational literacy, vulnerability, shame, trust, boundaries, grief, forgiveness, anxiety and criticism.

We will look at how to live BIG and how to apply all of this to your role as a leader - especially as you navigate struggle, falls, and failures (hey, we've all been there).

You’ve been there… 

You have the idea. The vision. The dream. The next big thing brewing…

You’ve worked through so much - personally and professionally. You’ve overcome and arrived. 

You are more than a survivor - you are always striving to live your best life. 

But something is missing. 

When doubt, fear, and perfectionism show up, you’re annoyed. Surely, you think, these bedfellows should be old news by now?

But these beacons of struggle are just entry points to a deeper level of work.  

To up-level, you need to push your growth edges. It’s the physics of our inner world, contrary to many mind hacks out there that offer bandaids that eventually lose their stick. 

And at the heart of our doubt, imposter experience, perfection, and inner critic is one emotion. 

It’s what stifles creativity and innovation and crushes even the most evolved leaders. 


When shame and it's bff’s fear, comparison, and scarcity are running you, they kill your business growth by:

  • Keeping you in a cycle of comparison, questioning, doubt, and overwhelm instead of creativity, innovation, and iteration
  • Allowing the relentless voice of perfectionism shrink your bottom line by keeping you from finishing, shipping, and showing up instead of tolerating uncertainty and risk
  • Crushing your belief in your value, your vision, your mission so you lose your anchor in your worth
  • Decreasing your capacity to lead with vulnerability and instead protecting, hiding, and off-loading pain
  • Crushing your creativity and ability to innovate and iterate because you are stuck in overthinking and overanalyzing
Leaders Rising™

Leaders Rising™ is for you if: 

  • You have done your own personal and professional development work and beat yourself up for still questioning your worthiness and belief in your work
  • You are in a season of blocks, overwhelm, and anxiety that seem to drain your energy, impact your creativity and prevent you from showing up with consistency.
  •  You have a hard time recovering from the time you dared to go big and it was an utter disaster.
  • Your emotions feel like they are the boss of you and you cannot think your way out of the black hole of anxiety.
  • You are in a phase of growth, iteration, up-leveling, and notice imposter experience and inner critics show up in full force. 

The process of launching rising practices involves:

  1. Taking a big leap to start this process
  2. Making the commitment to invest the time
  3. Showing up and being seen and being brave

You will receive a care package with the following:

  • A workbook to keep all of your notes and key learnings to reference in the future
  • Pre-screen info and assessments to help you measure your work and your growth areas
  • Fun artifacts and presents which support your experience during and afterwards

This is what we will do in Leaders Rising™:  

  • Learn to navigate growth edges and the unknown of change while staying aligned to your core values.

  • Get curious about the stories you are living from and begin to re-author the various beliefs that get in your way of your commitments and confidence. 

  • Deepen your capacity around forgiveness, trust, grief, and vulnerability.

  • Connect bi-monthly and regularly on a custom google docs page. Groups have a private Facebook page instead of a google to connect, ask questions, and rumble together about this important work.

Just think… by experiencing  Leaders Rising™ 

  • You'll walk away with a newfound respect for failure and struggle and how to rise from it in a way that honors the data AND the pain of the fall.  
  • You will have greater confidence and clarity when challenges show up so you can keep doing the important work your business needs from you
  • You will be able to stay connected to both your bottom line and your key relationships while tolerating more visibility, growth, and the constant uncertainty of leading
  • You help your brain and body better tolerate risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure
  • You stop offloading your pain and fear outside of your integrity.
  • You deepen your trust for self and others 

To fully live as an Unburdened Leader™, you need to sustain the courage, compassion, and confidence it takes to lead with integrity and navigate the inevitable life curveballs. By developing practices that helps you integrate your WHOLE story, especially the hard ones,  you can dare to show up and be brave with our life and work - even when the outcome is not certain. 

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