Integrated Leadership™ Coaching | Rebecca Ching

Unburdened Leadership™ Coaching: 

Strengthen how you lead by strengthening who you are at your core and be prepared for the next phase of growth and impact.


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It’s often said, “What got you here today will not get you where you desire to go tomorrow.”

Unburdened Leadership™ Coaching is your next level resource to support your work and life and help you develop deep, life-changing practices supporting the future you desire personally and professionally. 

Unburdened Leadership™ coaching is where you dive into your inner world with a fresh and energizing perspective so you can strengthen how you lead by strengthening  who you are at your core. Influenced deeply by Internal Family Systems, a methodology developed by Richard Schwartz, PhD, Unburdened Leadership™ coaching sessions will help you understand and develop what IFS calls Self Leadership  - which gives you more clarity and confidence in all areas of your life. 

In our time together, your personal + professional growth work will give you space to rumble with the challenges you face as an entrepreneur and a business owner.  We will address recurring emotional, physical, relational issues in your life in the service of becoming a more powerful and effective leader, communicator, partner, parent, friend, citizen. 

You will learn a combination of inner insight techniques and practices partnered with real-world actions to move you forward towards your present and future goals. This essential work will help you can lead yourself, your business and others well while aligned to what matters most without sacrificing your well-being, important relationships, your important work, or your bottom line.


  • you have recurring struggles or patterns that hold back your growth into the leader you were meant to be.
  • you’ve tried the various mindset support tools but you’re still stuck in the struggle cycle
  • you have big dreams, a proven track record, and are ready to go into the next face of leading, living, loving with a different mindset and set of tools
  • you want to handle challenges and stressors with more ease in work and in life 
  • you are not afraid of hard work and putting in the time to build and grow a thriving business - but you also know how you have been living is not sustainable for the next phase of growth and impact
  • you desire to make in an impact beyond profit
  • you care deeply about those you serve in your business along with the quality of your leadership. 
  • you hold yourself to a high standard of integrity and believe deeply in doing the personal work to run the marathon of leading well at work and at home without compromising your health
  • you value deep connection - with your family, friends, clients and your own inner world

…. then Unburdened Leadership™ Coaching Experience is for you. 

Integrated Leadership™ | Rebecca Ching
Integrated Leadership™ | Rebecca Ching

Are you ready to:

  • move through another plateau in your personal or professional growth
  • respond differently to shame and the frustration of these familiar thoughts and feelings. 
  • stop overwhelm from impacting your performance and productivity
  • keep your confidence from waning in the face of familiar struggles that keep showing up
  • get clarity around your confusion from having done a lot of personal development work over the years and still feeling stuck
  • stop feeling frustrated because mindset issues are getting in your way... again
… then Unburdened Leadership™ Coaching is for you. 
What if I told you that leading well and finding more calm and confidence in your work and life had less to do with:
  • having it all figured out
  • white-knuckling challenges
  • pushing through resistance
  • building up more of an abundance mindset
  • letting go of your inner critics 
And they have everything to do with with:
  • harnessing the power of curiosity instead of fearing the unknown
  • increasing your ability to tolerate vulnerability and courage
  • seeing resistance as a form of protection and having compassion for these  protective parts
  • identifying scarcity mindset and move to an enough mindset
  • befriending inner critics and the parts fuelling imposter experiences

The results of Unburdened Leadership™ coaching will give you:

  • daily habits and practices that decrease burnout
  • decrease feelings of frustration around all the demands in your life
  • clarity and courage with setting and maintaining boundaries
  • more ease and flow, even in the face of conflict and curveballs and hard decisions
  • a business and a life that are not in in competition of each other but in support of each other
  • a way to respond to inner critics and imposter experience that fuels compassion and courage instead of shame and fear
  • practices that you can take with you for a lifetime
  • deeper satisfaction with the important personal relationships in your life - because when they are out of sorts, everything is impacted

And this is how it works:

  1. You apply for Unburdened Leadership ™ Coaching by first scheduling a Connection Call here
  2. If we both decide to move forward, you will receive a contract and a paypal link with the agreed upon package and payment fees. 
  3. Once you have signed your contrqct and paid, you will receive an onboarding package, which includes links to schedule your Unburdened Leadership coaching sessions, ways to connect with me online and via Voxer, and other cool assessments and tools to help deepen our work together.

It starts with a conversation.

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