EP 06: Leading & Loving Towards Beautifully Made With Intention with Arielle Estoria

podcast Jul 24, 2020

Leaders are especially good at hiding from love and the vulnerability it brings in ways that look deceptively bold. This can be a dangerous contagion, I’ve found, encouraging others to also hide behind the protectors of Hubris. Individualism. Perfectionism. Hustle.

I’ve seen how spending so much time hiding behind who you think you should be makes you forget who you are, what you value, and what you believe.

And, honestly, it can crush your spirit.

That’s why being able to receive love is foundational to being able to love and lead others well. This means moving through discomfort by feeling through it instead of letting the protectors – fueled by fear – hide your humanity.

My guest today is a force of love—towards herself and others—in both words and actions.

Arielle Estoria is a renaissance woman: a poet, author, speaker, and creative. I first met Arielle at Yellow Conference where she was an MC—a tour de force of love from the stage. I immediately started to follow her work and was moved by her ability to put words to the steady tension of loving ourselves so we can lead ourselves and others well.

Arielle truly lights up any room as an emcee and event host, a body-positive model, and actor. She has shared her work through spoken word, workshops, and themed keynote talks with companies such as Google, Sofar Sounds, Lululemon, Dressember, Tedx, the SKIMS campaign by Kim Kardashian, Hollis Co. by Rachel Hollis, and more.

Arielle’s first EP, a collection of music and poetry called Symphony of a Lioness and her single Magic (In Your Bones) are available on iTunes or Apple Music. She is the co-author of two collections of poetry: Vagabonds and Zealots (2014) and Write Bloody Spill Pretty (2017), which can both be found on Amazon.com.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How she discovered her body through acting, performing spoken word poetry, modeling, and calling BS on practices and businesses that do not value all bodies⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • A look behind Arielle’s internal work and how acting helped her find the lie and find the truth to see the full value in herself as a person
  • When Arielle decided that her body is not an unhealthy hazard—and what she redefined BMI as in her own words (SO FREAKIN' GOOD!!!)
  • What impact the toxic modesty culture has had on Arielle

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