EP 11: Befriending Your Anxiety with Chef Joel Gamoran

anxiety Oct 02, 2020

 Instead of making an enemy of your anxiety, you can make a friend out of your anxiety. 

This approach to the challenges of living with anxiety—in both your life and business as a leader—helps to turn the fear that comes with anxiety into your superpower.

But if you’re to make friends with your anxiety, you need to understand the story behind its fear and concerns. Anxiety has a mission to protect and it often does so in ways that are crushing, robbing you of your presence and the place where you show up in your truth.

Making friends with your anxiety—and finding the story beneath it—isn’t done by pushing through or thinking your way out of it. That just turns up the dial.

Instead, when you build a relationship with the parts of you that hold your anxiety—instead of trying to kill it or crush it—your life will be different and your ability to lead will feel different.

You will lead with your anxiety instead of it leading you.

My guest today did just that. Not only did he study and befriend his anxiety but he saw it as a way to fuel his desire for life-long growth and performance. He learned that the best way to protect his presence is to cultivate practices where he took the time and space to prepare.

Note: Getting to the space to befriend your anxiety often involves specialized support. It is not a quick fix or simple mindset change - as anxiety can be debilitating. Doing the deep work to get to the space to befriend and get curious about your anxiety is worth it. Make sure to get the support you need and deserve.

Chef Joel Gamoran is best known as the host for A&E’s hit series “Scraps,” and has become one of the nation’s most well-known sustainability storytellers. Joel spent over ten years as a National Chef for Sur La Table and, in 2018, Joel released his book “Cooking Scrappy,” inspiring home cooks to turn scraps into delicious meals.

Joel also makes monthly appearances on NBC’s Today Show, sharing his recipes and sustainability tips to a worldwide viewership. Through entertainment, creativity, humility, and education, Joel brings people together with a common goal of getting good food on the table while being mindful of waste.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why Joel’s committed to presence and befriending his anxiety
  • Joel’s radical acceptance of his nervous system
  • How he sees a scrappy mindset as a powerful leadership tool
  • Navigating anxiety while live on national TV

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