EP 12: Choosing Scrappy Hope Over Cynicism with Ramon Galindo

hope Oct 16, 2020

The belief that hope will kill you is a common reason that many people reject the practice of hope in the first place. Most would rather keep the bar low and expect the worst. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Protecting yourself with this level of cynicism leads to living a negative, small, and joyless life. 

And we are not here for that. 

Embracing hope might look dangerous and reckless on the surface, yet, in truth, it is a deeply aligned practice grounded in values, courage, and consistency. This kind of hope supports showing up when there is not evidence things will get better or be better. 

Truly, some of the most hopeful leaders I know have been through some of the darkest experiences. They have a capacity for the whole human experience. They are often seen as uncool or too positive. But really, they are the grittiest people I know. 

Their hope does not bypass the messiness of heartache, disappointment, betrayal but instead, they repel cynicism in these moments and embrace it all. 

My recent interview with Chef Joel Gamaron made me appreciate how his cooking scrappy principles also apply to leadership and hope. When we work with what we have, even the things we want to discard, we can make something amazing.

Those who dare to hope KNOW pain is a part of the gig. Those who choose hope just keep taking the actionable steps towards what they believe is possible—even when the future is still unknown. 

A hope that allows for loss and disappointment is a scrappy hope. And a scrappy hope allows for all the highs and lows of humanity, including feelings of futility, doubt, and fear, while also allowing us to keep moving forward.

My guest today embodies this kind of scrappy hope with all of its shadows. He has faced deep loss and grief personally and now reports on the stories of loss and tragedy while keeping cynicism at bay.

Ramon Galindo is a bilingual reporter and producer with NBC San Diego with more than a decade of experience in television journalism. From politics to criminal justice, to the economy, Ramon strives to tell stories from a unique perspective. His work aims to hold government and powerful institutions accountable while being a voice for the unheard. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Ramon’s hope fuels how he leads in his work as a reporter—and how that influences his deep commitment to telling the stories of those that often get overlooked 
  • How he navigates reporting the tragic, the gruesome, and the highly charged social unrest and still holds hope for humanity without bypassing the hard. 
  • Ramon’s influences and support systems in his life
  • How scrappy hope is a hope that is never done alone

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