EP 15: Leading with Integrity Through Controversy featuring CEO & Founder of Dressember Foundation Blythe Hill

leadership podcast Nov 27, 2020

Avoiding controversy for the sake of comfort is not an option for you as you lead, do life, and rumble with all the big and little decisions before you. 

Sure, you do not want to contribute to the noise. 

You are not looking for a fight (or, like me, you try not to get scrappy just to offload some stress), or to be right just for the sake of being right. 

No. You value the big picture. You value the mission. You value the greater impact. 

These days, people try to shock us just so they can manipulate our feelings. They use hyperbole to exercise power over us. The polarization we are living with internally and in our culture leads to many having serious controversy fatigue.

Unburdened leaders get the nuance of standing up. They also understand the sacrifices.  They would rather step up for what is true than play it safe. 

We all need to do a better job of respecting this kind of leadership by supporting those who are willing to and able to take the heat when the status quo threatens the integrity of important work and fosters dehumanization. 

That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce you to today’s guest, Blythe Hill. 

Blythe is the CEO and Founder of the Dressember Foundation, an anti-trafficking nonprofit organization. Through their annual campaign, thousands of people across the world commit to wearing dresses or ties for the month of December as a way to raise awareness and funding for anti-trafficking work. Since 2013, Dressember advocates have raised $10MM USD and resourced dozens of anti-trafficking programs across the US and the world. 

Please note: In this episode, we discuss matters around sexual abuse. Take good care of you and know your well-being is more important than pushing through this episode. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • The ways Blythe connected the dots with her passion for decreasing human trafficking with her own story
  • How she developed her skills as a leader while growing a nonprofit from scratch
  • Blythe’s approach to a controversial issue while staying true to her expertise and pushing through her growth edges

Learn more about Blythe Hill:

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