EP 19: Defining Your Own Version Success with Natalie Borton, Founder of Natalie Borton Designs

success Jan 22, 2021

The quickest way to crash and burn your business and life is to place your worthiness and safety with the opinions of others.

This may sound like a captain-obvious statement but the pull to care what others think is something fierce. And it is sneaky.

The competitive drive is no stranger to many of you. In fact, it is often the norm.

Honoring your boundaries around healthy competition is hard in a world that constantly tells us we’re not enough. It does not help that our own self-talk attacks our sense of enough, too.

When not checked, healthy competition and ambition lead to the protectors of scarcity and comparison overwhelming you. This happens quickly when you are not clear on your values, when you are not clear on your definition of success, and when you are not clear on your boundaries.

Without these anchors in place, the powerful drive to win and achieve can quickly warp to a singular focus on another person or another business. Success is then based on comparison and moves you away from what matters most.

However, staying aligned with your personal version of success is possible—and it requires that you constantly recalibrate and live your values.

My conversation with Natalie Borton in this episode of The Unburdened Leader digs deep into these life-long tensions around navigating where your definition of success lies along with the power of staying clear on your core values and taking care of your well-being.

Natalie is a San Diego-based mom, wife, and entrepreneur that is passionate about positivity, authenticity, and simplicity. She designs minimalist, California-inspired jewelry for everyday wear and educates on making the most out of your wardrobe, living more confidently, and pursuing your dreams honestly and whole-heartedly.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Natalie lives her value of positivity (it is a powerful approach to consider, for sure)
  • The key learnings Natalie took away from the other side of an incredible work opportunity that shook her health
  • How Natalie rumbles with her ambitions and her ever-evolving definition of success
  • How Natalie infuses the wisdom she earned in her recovery into her business and platform

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