EP 22: Clear and Decisive Leadership with Founder of Frank and Eileen, Audrey McLoghlin

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2021

Never underestimate the power of your decisions.

Especially the little decisions you make each day.

How you go about making decisions offers so much data about you and what you believe about yourself and the world around you.

Many of us second-guess our decisions because we're unsure of ourselves in the first place. Maybe you underestimate your ability to do hard things or give added weight to the judgment others might pass when they learn about your decision.

Most often, I suspect you second-guess your ability to do hard things and feel hard things. Or maybe you question how those around you will respond to your decisions.

If you are too protected from feeling vulnerable or your worthiness is wrapped up in metrics or the opinions of others, then you will be disconnected from your purpose and your courage

More importantly, you will be disconnected from making the decisions that support the life you are building and those you are leading.

My guest today never underestimates herself or saw a problem she could not tackle with zeal. Her sense of responsibility towards those in her charge combined with a deep, early-born desire to never be beholden to anyone fuels her approach to the decisions she makes and how she problem solves.

Audrey McLoghlin founded the luxury clothing brand, Frank & Eileen. Borrowing her grandparents’ names, Audrey sourced traditional suiting fabrics from the finest family-owned mills in Italy to reinvent the women’s button-up—a category that had previously focused solely on men.

Frank & Eileen quickly became a favorite with cultural icons such as Meghan Markle, Oprah Winfrey, and Kamala Harris, and is now a global retail brand. She is a four-time entrepreneur who has bootstrapped all of her companies, without ever taking outside funding.

You are in for a masterclass conversation today. This may be a conversation for you to listen to on repeat—I know I already have!



Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Audrey’s mindset when the shutdown happened and how that helped her weather the storm of losing 11 million dollars in sales in two weeks
  • How the burdens she has carried fuels her resilience instead of taking her out
  • What Audrey says are the two most valuable commodities for an entrepreneur - and for all of us - and how she saw an opportunity on the other side of the triage from the crisis instead of being paralyed by indecision or waiting for things to go back to normal

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