EP 23: Leading and Respecting Your Whole Self with Metalsmith and Founder of Artists & Profit Makers, Megan Auman

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2021

Too often, we exile the parts of us that hold complex emotions and difficult parts of our story at the expense of our wholeness. And not respecting our own wholeness in favor of living a compartmentalized life is perpetuated in the spaces we live and lead.

So, we hide away the things that we’ve been taught to believe are not acceptable—and what we hide is often rooted in the soul of what makes us unique and feel most alive.

Making space to lead complexity means signing up to navigate emotions, beliefs, and perspectives that do not fit into a tidy box.

This is the call right now. To dig into nuance and hang out in this place of complexity requires awareness that cannot be put back into the proverbial toothpaste tube.

This is super vulnerable.

But remember, respecting the whole person still requires boundaries, honoring core values, and developing systems that move you and your business forward. The fear of chaos is more about the fear of change–and what that change means for our own safety and status.

What we are seeing is how leadership that respects the whole person is rewriting the rules on what is professional and appropriate.

Oh, the rules.

You know the rules... the shoulds about what is professional and ok for business and work and what is not.

These rules crush our souls along with our clarity of voice and desire to create. And they continue to dehumanize and marginalize.

Approaching business and people with a perspective that values all parts of those they lead requires doing the inner work to navigate the complexity of emotions and lived experiences with compassion and curiosity instead of shame and correction.

My guest today lives this work and this approach.

Megan Auman is a jewelry designer, metalsmith, educator, and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in selling art through a variety of channels.

Currently, Megan is running her eponymous jewelry line and the online community Artists & Profit Makers for fellow creatives who sell high-end products. A best-selling CreativeLive instructor, Megan’s designs have been featured in Elle Decor, Better Homes & Gardens, Cooking Light, and on top-rated blogs like Design*Sponge.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Megan discusses how we can care but not be burdened by judgment–from ourselves or others. I love this insight she offered.
  • Listen for Megan’s discussion around shame, especially around our workspaces and what we charge for our services.
  • Notice how Megan approached her own rumble with anxiety that shifted so much for her.

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