EP 26: Leading an Integrated Life Over a Divided Life with Stasia Savasuk, Creator of The REVEL-YOU-TION

divided life May 07, 2021

 It is time to stop living a divided life.

When your life is divided between home and work, personal and professional, you're vulnerable to all sorts of relationship troubles and everyday friction.

When you separate yourself from your values and see your business and life divided instead of integrated and unified by your purpose and values, you will break from the pressure of it all.

You feel out of alignment with what matters most–your health, your values, your most important relationships–and feel at the mercy of responding to every need like it is an emergency, further sacrificing your clarity and confidence.

My guest today has done the work to get clear on how she leads herself and others and not letting fear divide her from what she values and who she loves most.

Stasia Svasuk is an entrepreneur, mama, speaker, adventurer, thrifter, and science-of-style expert who thinks bodies are just about the coolest things on earth.

She is the founder and creator of THE REVEL-YOU-TION––an online community of crazy-brave women who are using their closets to heal their shame, flex their brave muscles, cultivate their creativity, and create some wildly fabulous outfits while they’re at it.

Stasia has inspired many thousands through her Tedx talk, her wildly popular (and now retired) Stasia’s Style School, her numerous podcast recordings and guest speaker gigs, and her ability to cultivate a community where collective braving and collective healing are the name of the game.

We cover some incredible territory in this episode around work, life, and family integration.


Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How our closets are a Trailhead for doing deep, meaningful work about how you feel in your body
  • How Stasia realized that teaching women to turn down the temperature on their body shame wasn’t enough and how she’s changing her business to do it
  • How she’s learning to feel into her boundaries and take ownership of the consequences, good and bad
  • How her relationships with her clothes let her know when she’s out of alignment elsewhere in her life

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