EP 35: Navigating Career Pivots and Identity Crisis with Dr. Lindsay Padilla

career identity Sep 10, 2021


We all grew up being told who was the creative one, who was the smart one, and who was the sporty one. There was no space for anyone to hold a multiplicity of skills and interests.

Of course, none of us hold just one identity, skill, or interest.

So an identity crisis–or multiple identity crises–is inevitable.

But an identity crisis can be a powerful turning point in your life and work.

On one hand, you can keep doing what you’ve been doing—what you’re supposed to do. Or you can take a big risk and do something different.

We all have PhDs on what we are supposed to do. We have breathed in the messages on what it means to be a success and responsible. Staying on the current path is oddly comfortable—even when it sucks.

When you decide to honor the desire to grow and make a pivot with your work or take a risk with a significant relationship in your life, you are entering into a stage of growth that can be lonely and a bit disorienting.

But leaders like us know there’s more to life than the status quo.

My guest went through her own shifts in her career and identity and is growing a business and a life that looks very different from her original life plan.

Dr. Lindsay Padilla is an ex-community college professor who accidentally started a business while on the tenure track. Now, as the CEO and co-founder of Hello Audio, Lindsay challenges online industry norms of unfinished courses and unconsumed content with her product.



Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • The surprising side hustle that sparked Lindsay’s move out of academia
  • The role networking played in her developing a business that capitalizes on her teaching knowledge and experience
  • How shifting careers changed not only her work identity but Lindsay’s identity within her marriage
  • Why identity shifts can be a source of grief, even when the shift is good or necessary
  • Why your metrics of success may have to change with your identity
  • How a series of major personal and professional losses made Lindsay recommit to her taking care of her body and to keeping her values at the forefront of her business

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