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Even the most experienced leaders can’t shake the “not enough” and “who do you think you are?” internal narratives. This is not because of failure or a crack in your leadership skills…

It’s because these experiences are all a part of being human – no matter how experienced or successful you are. These feelings and experiences can’t be eradicated because a part of daring to lead, love, and try new things, involves risk. And where there is risk, there is shame and fear lurking. Always.

Shame and fear frequently appear when something in life pops up to threaten our security, relationships, reputation, identity, bottom line, or worthiness.

But shame and fear can be managed in ways that minimize their toxic impact on your business and in your personal life.

You’ve been there…

You have the idea. The vision. The dream. The next big thing brewing…

You’ve worked through so much – personally and professionally. You’ve overcome and arrived.

You are more than a survivor – you are always striving to live your best life.

But something is missing.

When doubt, fear, and perfectionism show up, you’re annoyed. Surely, you think, these bedfellows should be old news by now?

But these beacons of struggle are just entry points to a deeper level of work.  

To uplevel, you need to push your growth edges. It’s the physics of our inner world, contrary to many mind hacks out there that offer bandaids that eventually lose their stick.

And at the heart of our doubt, imposter experience, perfection, and inner critic is one emotion…

It’s what stifles creativity and innovation and crushes even the most evolved leaders.


Brené Brown, PhD, defines shame as the intensely painful feeling or fear of being unworthy of love and belonging.

Shame crushes our core desires for connection, belonging, love, and creativity. And when belonging is the oxygen for our soul, then the threat of losing our belonging goes for the jugular. It makes us feel like we’re back to ground zero.

When shame is running you, it kills your business growth by:

  • Keeping you in a cycle of comparison, questioning, doubt, and overwhelm instead of creativity, innovation, and iteration
  • Allowing the relentless voice of perfectionism to shrink your bottom line by keeping you from finishing, shipping, and showing up instead of tolerating uncertainty and risk
  • Crushing your belief in your value, your vision, your mission so you lose your anchor in your worth

I know you KNOW the lies of shame are not true. Yet, they keep showing up. You find yourself in an inner battle with these lies and keep trying to make them disappear.

You try to kill stuff, tell them to go away (this is the polite version), and shut down the parts of yourself which say, “You can’t do it.” “It has to be perfect.” “Other people will see you as the fraud you are.

And sometimes, you get a reprieve for a moment or even a season, but eventually these voices resurface, causing you to once again doubt your hard work, your leadership, and your ability to do what’s difficult.

Now, I don’t doubt your abilities for a moment. And I know you know how capable you are, but these flare ups of shame are disorienting.

I know the struggles of shame are persistent and levelling. I also know there is a way to shift how you respond when difficult emotions like fear, blame and perfectionism inevitably show up.

And being able to tolerate the vulnerability of these experiences instead of resisting your feelings is key.

Introducing Daring Entrepreneurs...

Daring Entrepreneurs is for you if:

  • You are frustrated that shame and fear keep hijacking your bold, brave, beautiful life
  • You feel like you should be over struggling with doubt and perfectionism
  • You have done your own personal work and beat yourself up for still questioning your worthiness
  • You fear being misunderstood and self-judgement keeps you shrinking from your next growth edge
  • Comparison can come out of nowhere and shake your belief in your abilities – even after proven successes time after time
  • You struggle with visibility and being seen with more authority, reach, and impact
  • You have seasons of blocks, overwhelm, and anxiety that seem to drain your energy, impact your creativity and prevent you from showing up with consistency in-person and online
  • You are in the process of growth, iteration, up-leveling, and notice that imposter experience and inner critics show up

The process of launching your shame resilience practice involves:

  • Taking a big leap to join a cohort of whip smart, talented, and wholehearted leaders who are also committed to doing this work
  • Making the commitment to invest the time in yourself
  • Showing up and being seen
  • A weekly or intensive format, depending on the cohort you sign up for
  • Meeting online for live discussion, Q&A, and videos

You will receive:

  • A workbook to keep all of your notes and key learnings to reference in the future
  • Pre-screen info and assessments to help you measure your work and your growth areas
  • Fun artifacts and presents which support your experience during and afterwards
  • More courage and confidence
  • Support during and afterwards (for a limited time) in a private Facebook community

This is what we will do in Daring Entrepreneurs:

  • Get really clear on your core values
  • Develop a life-long practice to navigate shame while staying true to your core values
  • Learn about the antidote to shame along with practices that will keep shame from running your life
  • Learn why shame gets the best of us  – no matter our life experiences, personal development work, or confidence
  • Assess your self-compassion and learn where to make small, yet impactful tweaks to your inner talk
  • Dispel the myths of what keeps you playing small
  • Learn to navigate upper limits and imposter experience by identifying key resources and pitfalls that are present every time you dare to show up in a way that triggers fear
  • Learn how to identify shame physically as an early warning to shift your shame resilience practice into gear
  • Identify ways that you protect yourself from feeling vulnerable that work against your goals and core values
  • Clarify the sneaky beliefs about your identity that are feeding shame and scarcity
  • Assess with confidence where your shame resilience practice is at and learn to recalibrate back to what matters most in work, business and your personal life

When: Thursdays from 9:30AM PST – 12:30 PM PST

Note: Interested but this time does not work for you? Email me as there may be a second cohort starting at a different time.

Dates: February 22nd, March 1st and March 8th, 2019

How: We’ll meet online for three weeks in a row and also in our private Facebook group.

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Just think… by attending Daring Entrepreneurs:

  • You will develop tools that will stick the more you practice them so you can manage shame instead of shame managing you
  • You will have greater confidence and clarity when challenges show up so you can keep doing the important work your business needs from you
  • You will navigate upleveling without being leveled so you do not lose precious time, resources, and energy in constant shame spirals
  • You will have a new relationship with your inner critics and imposter experience so you can respond differently when they inevitably show up
  • You will be able to stay connected to both your bottom line and your key relationships while tolerating more visibility, growth, and the constant uncertainty of being an entrepreneur


Register now. Click here for access to the application form.

Or email me with questions: [email protected]

A little about me:

I am a seasoned psychotherapist (15 years and counting), business owner, and an early adopter of The Daring WayTM, a training company founded by Brené Brown, where I am a certified Daring WayTM Facilitator and Consultant. I am also a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist – a methodology which is infused into all of my workshop offerings.

I have built my career around learning what it means to lead (and how not to lead) in politics, advertising, international youth work and as a business owner. Neuroscience, mind-body, whole person, laser focused work with groups of wholehearted leaders is my jam along with working with cutting-edge entrepreneurs and thought-leaders like you.


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