Make An Impact Without Fearing The Hard Things

The Unburdened Leader is a podcast about leadership, the burdens of trauma, and the journey you take to find your biggest impact as a leader. Join Rebecca Ching to discover practical strategies for redefining challenges and vulnerability while becoming a better leader. Find the courage, confidence, clarity, and compassion to step up for yourself and others—even when things feel really, really hard.

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About The Unburdened Leader

Meet thriving leaders who have embraced their own humanity and life’s mission through the burdens they carry, how these burdens often take them down, and how they rise from them. Each week, we dive into how leaders like you deal with struggle and growth so that you can lead without burnout or loneliness.

Why A Podcast?

We produce the The Unburdened Leader podcast because it makes learning on-the-go easy. You can take this free in-depth audio content wherever you go and listen whenever you have time using apps like Spotify, Castbox, Castro, and Apple Podcasts.

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The Unburdened Leader Podcast with Rebecca Ching
EP 01: Take Time For The Deep Work So Trauma Doesn’t Take You Out with Jonathan Merritt

Jonathan Merritt is one of America’s most prolific writers focused on religion, culture, and politics. He is the author of Learning to Speak God From Scratch and serves as a contributing writer for The Atlantic and contributing editor for The Week. In this episode, Rebecca explores his commitment toward the long-game work of healing.

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EP 02: How Self-Leadership Saves You From The Relentless Drive To Succeed with Richard Schwartz

We dig deep into the story of his own personal journey, what led him to course-correct on his early teaching on healing, and how unchecked drive can hijack other parts of you–your playfulness, your ability to rest, and your ability to handle what comes up when you finally take a break.


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