Helping you navigate the curveballs of leadership

Don't let burnout, overwhelm, resistance and stagnation steal the spotlight.

Break the cycles that hold you back by mapping your inner influences and developing practices that support your needs today.

And, by the way, this has little to do with mindset.

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If you're a leader, entrepreneur or business owner who has already achieved success, but hasn't developed the internal system to support growth, change, and the inevitable losses of leading over the long haul, I can help.

You may have noticed patterns of resistance (I call this protection), over-thinking, anxiety, perfectionism, fear of failure and more.

You likely have tried many mindset practices to "fix" these, but nothing works.

This is when I step in.

As well as doing the deeper work to break those cycles of struggle, I can help you to:

  • Build resilience; navigate challenges with more ease (instead of getting flattened time and time again)
  • Sharpen your instincts; make better decisions, and learn to trust your gut
  • Deepen your impact; lead with more alignment to your core values
  • Show up with confidence; overcome the nagging doubts that keep you playing small
  • Move through the traumas unique to leading and being an entrepreneur: deepen your courage and confidence when falls and failures inevitably happen
  • Integrate new skills; improve your boundaries, adapt to change and lead with integrity
How many times have you reached a stage in your business and your inner issues hijack your success? And how many times have you pushed through anyway, sacrificing health, relationships and joy?
It really doesn't have to be that way.
Stop going it alone. Get the specialized support you need to work through your inner issues so you can pursue your big ambitions with clarity and confidence.

Welcome to Integrated Leadership™

You want to lead with endurance not burnout, integrity over compromise, and innovation instead of stagnation. You are ready to redefine what it means to be enough, do enough, and have enough.

Life throws us curve balls that challenge our confidence, clarity, and courage and many people discover their aren't equipped to heal their systems and support their growth at this season of life and work.

Integrated leadership™ offers a sustainable way to navigate the unique complexities of being a leader, whether at home, at work, or in your community.



You are an established leader, business owner, entrepreneur and hold yourself to a high standard of integrity. You believe deeply in doing the personal work to run the marathon of leading at work and at home without compromising your health, your bandwidth for change, and your profit. You are needing a new approach to the reoccurring struggles of perfectionism, doubt, over-thinking, resistance because the old ways of dealing with these challenges are loosing their impact - leaving you wanting during your launch, your expansion, your season of struggle. Integrated Leadership™ Coaching offers a sustainable way to navigate the unique complexities of being a leader and business owner.

Leadership is hard. So is growth. Don't go it alone.

I am ready!




Leadership is hard. So is growth. Don’t go through it alone. Take Insight to action and create life long practices with our core workshop experiences based on the research and methodologies of Brené Brown, PhD, and Richard Schwartz, PhD (founder of Internal Family Systems) which offer you customized workshop experiences in group or solo format along with specialized + individualized support so you can navigate inevitable growth, risk, and the curve balls of life without burnout or compromising your core values, your business, your well-being.

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You have incredible skills supporting those you are leading, mentoring, coaching. You build communities, transform businesses, and instill vision and action into those in your charge. And yet, you still witness struggles with confidence, clarity, and compassion and you are looking for laser focused reinforcements to help your community navigate core challenges around self-belief, self-worth, self-trust, and self-respect. Lets put our minds and hearts together and bring an in-house experience for your community that will cultivate sustaining shifts and results. 

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If you'd like to understand how to overcome the cycles of struggle that hold you (and those you serve) back and become a truly integrated leader, hit the button below to apply by scheduling a Discover Call with me.


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