EP 92: Leadership in Transition: Navigating Life Shifts with Brigitte Lyons

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2023


Have you ever felt like what you are known for does not fit you anymore? 

Or maybe you feel like it is time to change your professional focus, but you question whether you have the credentials or whether people will take seriously the shifts you want to make.

So many of us experience angst when we want to change things up in our work and life.

We change as we move through life. Change is part of our developmental life cycle. And when we change, our work and the businesses we run also change as a result.

But there is immense pressure to stay on a linear path in our careers and businesses that just doesn’t match up with the fact of our dynamic and ever-changing lives. And our mental wellbeing suffers from the lack of understanding of how we grow and change personally, which in turn impacts how we lead ourselves, others, and our businesses.

We need to normalize and create better supports for these inevitable seasons of growth and the grief and vulnerability that come...

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Ep 91: Decolonizing Wealth: Confronting Exploitation and Healing Wounds with Edgar Villanueva

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2023


What is your relationship with money?

Do you have a healthy or neutral relationship with money? Or do you fall into the common extremes of worrying about it, constantly thinking about acquiring more money, or avoiding knowing what is happening with your finances or checking out on your responsibilities around money?

And what is your relationship with giving away your money? Is it part of a spiritual practice, a tax write-off, or an extension of your values? 

We learn early how wealth can impact our future trajectory, well-being, and ability to earn and save it. 

And there are constant opportunities to donate our money–to charities, to politics, to nonprofits, to do something good and get a tax write-off. It feels good to feel like we’re doing something to help.

But we also don’t have to look far to find critiques of social programs supporting those who lack essential resources or critiques of the many tax loopholes the wealthiest in our country...

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EP 90: Engaged and Consistent Leadership: with Moms Demand Action Founder, Shannon Watts

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2023


When you see a need, what do you do? 

Do you jump in and try to solve the problem? 

Or do you think about it for a while and workshop all the options and scenarios in your head before deciding whether to take action or not? 

Both ways can be valid, needed, and valuable. And both have their pitfalls. 

When we jump in to solve a need or problem, we can end up on a path to a crash course in humble pie and hard learnings on the go that can often do harm to others. 

Yet thoughtful consideration can often lead to failing to take action and falling into complacency. Or even worse, you tap out all together because you feel like your voice, your vote, your time, or your resources will not make a difference.

But we can’t stop caring or tap out. The stakes are too high.

My guest today challenges this complacency–especially right now when so much is at stake here in the United States. She built an organization that has room for all levels of...

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EP 89: Navigating Gender Bias: Leadership Steps for Workplace Equality with Amy Diehl, PhD

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2023


When people talk about gender bias and sexism, what comes to mind? 

Are you clear about when gender bias happens to you and around you? Or does it feel so common it’s hard to discern?

The mixed messages about how to respond to gender bias and sexism keep us flailing, even when there are efforts to make meaningful change. 

We need to make these changes at all levels of leadership and as long the burden to make the changes continues to be on those who have been harmed, nothing will change.

When we gather collectively, we are a force. And yet, internalized misogyny gets in the way. Until we see how gender bias impacts us all, we will continue to turn on each other, whether directly or by supporting those with counter interests to our own.

Today’s guest offers us language and a framework to help address gender bias through tangible practices and language to help us understand the many nuances and complexities around identifying gender bias–in ourselves...

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EP 88: Right-Use-of-Power: Navigating Leadership Dynamics with Dr. Cedar Barstow

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2023


Would you call yourself a powerful person? 

Do you trust yourself with power? Does owning your power feel a bit like holding a hot potato?

The many ways we learn about power–often by having it taken away from us, seeing it taken away from others, or seeing people go to great lengths to take and keep power, no matter the cost or casualties–understandably influence our understanding of power for the worse. 

We have benefitted from many pioneering scholars and social justice leaders who deeply embraced their personal power in the face of systemic abuses. These leaders saw personal power as a birthright and generative, not as something to fear.

Owning your power can feel liberating. It’s liberating to no longer live from a burdened sense that we are flawed for doubting ourselves or that we are in deficit because we feel shut down and stuck in our pain and the pain around us.

Today’s guest has a lens on power that runs contrary to what many of us...

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EP 87: Authoritarianism in Cultish and High-Demand Communities with Bradley Onishi

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2023


Do you know if you have ever been a part of a cultish or high-demand community? Do you know what qualities to look for in a high-demand community?

High-demand communities may bring images of cults with extreme behaviors, demands, and rituals to your mind. But when you examine the communities you love, some fall on the spectrum of cultish or high-demand communities. 

Cultish and high-demand communities fall on a spectrum, and not everyone associated with a group or organization with those tendencies necessarily falls into the trance of these spaces–but many of us do–often without noticing. 

Today’s guest got me thinking more about the high-demand or cultish communities we choose. His most recent book was inspired by his experience watching the January 6th insurrection on TV and wondering if he had not left his high-demand faith community, would he have been at the US Capitol with many who showed up that day, including some from his former community....

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EP 86: Humaning Together: Integrating Grief and Lived Experience with Kathy Escobar

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2023


Your relationship with grief impacts all your relationships - whether you know it or not. 

While the experience of grief is universal, we still react to grief in ways that often stigmatize and alienate our grief or the grief of others in the name of professionalism, boundaries, and self-protection. 

And when we face a loss from suicide and all the layers and nuances of this particular type of loss, it can bring up a lot for us and those we lead. 

Disenfranchised grief refers to a loss that's not openly acknowledged, socially mourned, or publicly supported–you can see how bereavement by suicide fits one of the most common causes of disenfranchised grief. 

When people who have lost someone to suicide feel like they cannot talk about their loss without judgment or criticism, disenfranchised grief festers. It can lead to complicated grief, where our recovery and healing become persistent and debilitating to basic day-to-day functioning over a long period...

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EP 85: Team Habits: Redefining Workplace Dynamics with Charlie Gilkey

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2023


Groups are a microcosm of life and the greater systems in which we live and work.

We learn so much about ourselves and others in groups. 

They refine our leadership and communication skills. They highlight our growth edges and our capacity for conflict. And they can bring out the best - and the worst - in us, sometimes at lightning speed. 

So many of us can recall frustrating and, too often, harmful experiences working in teams. Whether it’s a team member that drags everyone down without support or burdened systems, rules, and bureaucracies that stifle creativity and energy, the words “group project” bring up a lot of feelings.

What comes up when you think about your group or team experiences? And when preparing to join or lead a group or a team, what fears or concerns go through your mind?

Today, I’m excited to welcome back Charlie Gilkey to discuss his new book, Team Habits. He addresses many of the pain points and fears many of us hold...

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EP 84: Recalibrating Success and Accomplishment with Martha Bitar

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2023

 When you look back on your career trajectory, what do you notice? 

Do you see an even trajectory in your career path? Or has your career taken some hard curves outside of the expected norms? 

What can seem like a setback in our planned career path can sometimes lead us to experiences that we would never have pursued - opening us up to ideas and possibilities that we would never have imagined.

It is moments like these that can often help us break free from the machine of proving, striving, and grinding and actually reconnect to who we truly are and what we really want to contribute with our lives.  

Of course it’s true that setbacks in our professional plans can be costly, painful, and downright scary. Some of the pain of setbacks can take a toll on our confidence and well-being and finances. 

But the time between paths, as we hop off the hamster wheels of shoulds to figure out who we are and what we want to do, isn’t wasted.

Today’s guest...

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EP 83: Cultivating a Practice of True Play with Gary Ware

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2023


Do you have a relationship with play?

Do you integrate time to play into your life around work and rest?

Or does play feel elusive or like a luxury?

If it does, you’re not alone.

So many of us are weary and weighed down, trying to stay afloat while keeping up with life, work, and being engaged citizens. And we live in a culture that continues to prioritize work and productivity over play and rest.

But building a relationship with play can be an antidote to toxic hustle productivity. And play can help quiet the noise in our minds and temporarily distract us from our burdens, leaving us in a better place to come back and tackle them.

Today, I’m so excited to dig into the benefits of play with Gary Ware.

Gary Ware, the Founder of Breakthrough Play, is a corporate facilitator, keynote speaker, certified coach, and author of the book Playful Rebellion: Maximize Workplace Success Through The Power of Play. Gary has over 14 years of experience in the corporate world...

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