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Integrated Leadership™ Coaching Experiences

6 Month Coaching Package

You are an established leader, business owner, entrepreneur and hold yourself to a high standard of integrity. You believe deeply in doing the personal work to run the marathon of leading at work and at home without compromising your health, your bandwidth for change, and your profit. You are needing a new approach to the reoccurring struggles of perfectionism, doubt, over-thinking, resistance because the old ways of dealing with these challenges are loosing their impact - leaving you wanting during your launch, your expansion, your season of struggle. Integrated Leadership™ Coaching offers a sustainable way to navigate the unique complexities of being a leader and business owner.

Leadership is hard. So is growth. Don't go at it alone. Learn more here.

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Leaders Rising™  + Leaders Daring™

Leaders Rising™ Leaders Daring™

3 Month Coaching Packages

These are coaching experiences for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are navigating an upper limit or growth edge.

We will look at how we handle our pain, the stories we tell ourselves, core values, emotional and relational literacy, vulnerability, shame, trust, boundaries, grief, forgiveness, anxiety and criticism.

We will look at how to live BIG and how to apply all of this to your role as a leader - especially as you navigate struggle, falls, and failures (hey, we've all been there). Learn more here.

Mastermind Workshop Expert Collaborations

More information coming soon!

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Corporate Mental Health Consultations 

Individual + group workshops.

More information coming soon!

Are you ready to understand the cycles of struggle that keep showing up in your life - and in those you lead?

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